Petal + Shine

Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Showit Web Design & Development

“Shine” sparks/stars in icon design alongside Anemone flowers and buds hide the letters "P" and "S" for a subtle monogram.

"A" and "S" ligatures are unexpected, joyful, and irreverently youthful.

HJC is beyond a creative firm! Your expectations will be exceeded with their experience and care for your brand. I really appreciated the empathy I got along with the creative expertise. 

— Michelle Lopez, Owner & Founder

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Golden Hour



Youthful & Fun

Warm & Inviting

Bright & Cheerful


Soft & Earthy


Elevated & Bold

Eclectic / Elevated / Effervescent Compassionate / Joyful / Youthful / Luxury

Brand Personality

This brand leveled up. Now it's your turn.

Hand(typed) letters from Jen.

Inspired by old-fashioned letter writing, I pen bi-weekly mini essays about my life: motherhood, business, design, and more. Peek into my thoughts and let's have a soul chat!