If you're a self-made, boutique service provider or ecommerce brand, we're cut from the same cloth.

—Keri Dunn, Owner & Founder, East & Eversley

"This team and Jen are the absolute best when it comes to this kind of work. It has made a huge difference in my own understanding and alignment with my growing business, and has already begun to pay off (and it's still VERY early in my launch)."

—Eleanor Scott Davis, Owner & Founder, Eleanor Scott Davis Fine Art

"Jen is the best! Her creativity, patience and professionalism made working with her an absolute pleasure. I needed cohesive branding and a website overhaul. Both were achieved in a beautiful and timely manner that went beyond my expectations."

—Michelle Lopez, Owner & Founder, Petal & Shine

"HJC is beyond a creative firm! Your expectations will be exceeded with their experience and care for your business. They genuinely want to see you soar! I really appreciated the empathy I got along with the creative expertise. 

—Sarah Becker, Owner & Founder, Sarah Becker Design

"During the entire process, I felt heard. Jen was able to take what felt like a massive mood board in my mind and create the most beautiful, unique branding. I now have so much confidence going forward because I tangibly see everything I had hoped for. I am so proud and in awe of the result."

—Ashleigh Henry, Owner & Founder, The Cheetah Company

"You somehow extract a creative visionary's desire from their brains and you allow for it to come to life through your intention, work, obsession with detail, eye for tweaks and shifts that need to be made... It's brilliant to experience as a client, but it's even better to just WITNESS a true expert in their craft."

—Cat Galletti, Owner & Founder, Cat Galletti Photography

"Jen poured her creative soul into making sure the brand and website fully communicated my business's values. Her process is very in-depth, allowing her and her team to truly understand the heart of your business. I felt very cared for throughout the entire process."

—Aryn Guillory, Owner & Lead Designer, Oyster Creek Studios

"Jen was wonderful to work with and extremely thorough! She really helped me peel back all the layers of my business. I was surprised how much I learned about my business and my brand. So grateful for you!" 

—Amy Kummer, Owner & Lead Designer, Amy Kummer Interiors

"Jen and her team are amazing to work with! They truly nailed my brand and what I was hoping to portray, all while making the process enjoyable and fun! Now my brand looks in line with the work I produce and I am so so happy! I am proud of my website and logos!"

—Ashton Smith, Owner & Founder, The Awakening

"You HAVE to consider working with Jen! This investment is going to serve me WELL into the future and really enable me to level up in this business and for our customers. If you're looking for a designer that will leave you feeling more aligned with your brand than ever before, Jen is your girl."

—Sarah Bartholet-Gwin, Interior Designer, Bartholet Home Furnishings

"It was an incredible experience from start to finish! Jen was organized, informative, creative, and eager to help us bring our visions to life! We are thrilled with the results and couldn’t recommend a better website designer! She went above and beyond and it shows!"

Hand(typed) letters from Jen.

Inspired by old-fashioned letter writing, I pen bi-weekly mini essays about my life: motherhood, business, design, and more. Peek into my thoughts and let's have a soul chat!