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We play in the space between freelancer and agency - the boutique studio space. This means we love to serve companies from conception (start ups and solo owners under mid-six-figure gross incomes) all the way to teams of under 10 or so full time employees (typically approaching or past the seven figure gross income mark). Once companies become larger, their needs tend to be better suited to a design agency.

As far as industry, we welcome all types of creative businesses. We have a particular affinity for those in the interior design and architecture spaces, fine artists, high-ticket coaches, photographers, and florists, but we also have served high-end realtors, beauty professionals, and other types of clients as well.

It’s much easier to pinpoint the ROI of a web investment as you can collect and analyze hard data from your website provider! Our clients have made their investments back and more during an ecommerce launch, increased website traffic, and streamlined their checkout and fulfillment processes saving countless hours of admin time.

On the brand identity side, the ROI is just as strong, but not as data-based. Our clients have raised their prices and therefore their revenue, increased the perceived value of their services which positively impacts the quantity and quality of new leads and inquiries, attracted more press features and industry recognition, gained the confidence they’d been missing to show up and sell, united and inspired their teams under a common mission and vision, and felt an alignment like never before with their brand and personal values.

We work primarily in Showit and Shopify, Showit for marketing websites and Shopify for ecommerce (see question below about the difference). Showit is an amazing drag and drop website builder specifically made for creatives. Shopify is the industry standard for ecommerce sites with a powerful backend, amazing merchant tools, and great analytics.

If your website is hosted on another platform, we’re more than happy to still chat. We partner with developers for many of our projects and would be more than happy to connect you with and work alongside a talented developer in the web platform of your choice.

Semi-Custom websites are based on selected, approved, and purchased themes. We customize the brand elements, fonts, colors, photography, content, and section order, but cannot customize the layout of each section.

Fully Custom websites are not based on a theme - the sky is the limit in terms of design! What will determine functionality and animation capability is the website platform we choose. See the question above for more information!

A marketing website has no shop native to the website itself and focuses primarily on a portfolio or services experience (it might link out to a separate site) and an ecommerce website features a robust shop with collections of products and a navigation centered around shopping. 

If you need a site that has both of these features (many of our interior design clients need this), we recommend a Showit website paired with a Shopify website. This gives you a beautiful portfolio website *and* the power of Shopify on the ecommerce side of your business. Both sites will link to each other in the navigation for a seamless user experience - the brand identity and type system make both sites feel the same.

Each project with Hello June involves a free consult call to determine your goals and vision, as well as a custom proposal that details out our suggested service options for you to choose from. Because each client and project is different, we always recommend getting on a free call with Jen to talk through your needs, preferred investment, and goals for your project.

We do not have project minimums, which does make our studio different from others. We’re happy to serve clients at a range of budgets with a range of services, offering intensives and day rates alongside our more full service packages. With that being said, most Hello June projects are in the four or five figure range. 

If you’re unsure about whether your budget matches up with our pricing, we encourage you to still inquire! Jen often will craft custom, intensive-style packages not on our “main menu” for those wishing to remain budget-conscious.

This depends on several things: what package you choose, what your timeline goals are, and what our studio availability looks like. Typically, “Brand in Two Weeks” is, well, relatively short compared to our more full service branding packages which can take 4 - 6 weeks.
For web, there’s an even larger range depending on the project’s scope. Semi-Custom service-based marketing websites typically take 8 - 10 weeks, while a larger or ecommerce website will take 12 weeks to a few months depending on your needs and our developers’ availability.

When you inquire to learn more about working with us, Jen will start by learning more about you as a business owner, your journey, what inspired you to start and keep going, and what you love about what you do. Then she’ll ask more about your project goals - what problem(s) caused you to reach out, what does project success look like, and how do you hope you’ll see return on your investment (financially or otherwise). Then she’ll discuss estimated project investment in ranges and package options, discuss your budget (if you have one), and talk through estimated/preferred timeline. Then you’ll wrap up by talking about the proposal process (7 days before proposal expiry) and what booking looks like if you’re ready to move forward!

We see Discovery Calls truly as an opportunity for us to learn about you and get curious about how working with us could move the needle for your business. They are casual, laidback, never pushy, and a valuable time for you to learn and chat through problems you hope to solve! Even if you choose not to work with us, we’re so grateful for your time and willingness to share with us about your business!

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