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This customized serif typeface was designed to evoke a confident, professional and boldly feminine feel.

Negative space has been added to the logo typography to add luxurious detail and a sense of lightness.

"Hello June captured my vision, listened to my feedback and made my dreams come true! My website now feels like a fun, feminine, and nurturing home space that I enjoy visiting and sharing with everyone in my circle!"

— Lindsay Tuttle, Owner & Founder

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Confident / Bold / Harmonious / Feminine / Approachable / Inspiring / Transformative

Brand Personality

"To bring peace, harmony, alignment, and transformation to your life through holistic and metaphysical healing practices."

"My vision for you is simple: transformation. Take a moment and envision a reality with me: you have created your ideal health and your dream life. You have ascended beyond your current reality, life circumstances, or diagnosis, to find meaning, value, and healing in yourself. Together, we recalibrate what’s holding you back, using varied modalities to approach your unique challenges through a holistic lens. For the first time, you feel something shift into alignment in your physical, mental, and spiritual health; you feel truly alive. That’s my why—your life, transformed."

Vision Statement →

"I believe that true healing is a path that shouldn’t be traveled alone. My layered approach, through modalities like bioenergetics, mind-body-spirit release, and my signature Recalibration Method, forms the foundation for your holistic healing journey. As a working mom to littles, I deeply understand my clients’ unique life stages in a personal way, and establishing that level of connection is paramount to my whole-self, whole-life approach. You are not your circumstances, your symptoms, or your diagnosis—and partnering together paves the way for the transformation of mind, body, and spirit that I know is part of your story."

Unique Selling Proposition →

This brand leveled up. Now it's your turn.

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