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This fresh, classic and timeless monogram is representative of the monograms J. Wilkinson embroiders onto their chairs.

This elegant, sophisticated and timeless serif typeface pairs well with a fresh, modern sans-serif secondary typeface.

"Jen's design concept for our website was spot on from the beginning. When she would send logos, marks, & color palettes for review it would almost make me cry. Every time I look at our primary logo it makes me happy inside and out. "

— Jody Chaffee, Owner & Founder

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Fresh / Elegant / Approachable Luxury / Timeless / Elevated / Sophisticated / Classic

Brand Personality

"To craft high-quality, beautiful, custom monogrammed furnishings for modern spaces, inspired by the foundational and enduring love of family."

"At J. Wilkinson Chair Company, we believe that our families, strengthened through generational love and resilience, form the foundation for who we are. That a celebration of that history can be unique, beautiful, and enduring. That heirloom-quality pieces should be as modern as they are timeless. A joyful nod to your family’s past with a timeless place in its future—that’s our idea of legacy."

Vision Statement →

"Our handcrafted furnishings emulate the unbreakable, generational bonds formed by family. A J. Wilkinson piece is not only a one-of-a-kind finishing touch to an elevated space, it’s a celebration of what makes your family’s story unique, bringing a sense of fresh nostalgia into your modern life."

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